Blaser F16

Blaser F16

BLASER F16 SHOTGUN -new shotgun class

The Blaser F16 is the latest result of premier German engineering and manufacturing experience. By devising the lowest profile receiver in its class, the F16 is provided with an exceptionally low centre of gravity. This leads to outstanding balance and less felt recoil, whilst making it the perfect companion for both hunters and ambitious clay target shooters.


Perfection from passion: Have you ever taken a new shotgun in your hands and immediately felt familiar with it?
This is exactly the experience most shooters have when taking the F16 in their hands for the first time.
Combining it’s low centre of gravity and minimal receiver frame with a redesigned and exquisite grip and palm swell has brought smiles to everyone’s face who have been fortunate enough to handle a F16. You put it up, it points, it feels part of you. It makes it easy.

Intuition & Balance:

Best in class trigger characteristics:
It is here where the ingenious German engineering comes in. Purely mechanical in design this single selective trigger breaks likes glass at 1,650g and operates independent of recoil. In a world measured in milliseconds your F16 is a significant advantage with intuitive shooting.

Blaser IBS® – Inertial Block System:
The IBS® system eliminates the chances of fan ring or doubling and is integral to our World Class trigger’s reliability.

Lowest profile receiver: 
The lowest profile receiver on the market provides an exceptionally low centre of gravity for the shotgun, makes it extraordinary pointable and dynamic, immediately leading to a better shot.

Semi Round Body Action:
This gives the F16 its dynamic looks. Less is more was the goal and it could only be achieved through the use of quality materials, craftsmanship and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies.

  • Innovative, extremely at forcing cone. The shot stream passes into the cylindrical barrel as smoothly as possible with minimal deformation and without any dangerous increase in pressure.
  • “Overbore” internal diameter of 18.65mm (0.735″).
  • 12/76 gauge with additional steel shot proofing

Concentration & Safety:

Blaser EBS® – Ejection Ball System:Whether or not you hit your target is decided before you even mount your shotgun. Smooth movements controlled by intuition and precise mechanical operations are the keys to success. The entire process starts when closing the shotgun. Conventional ejector systems cock their ejector springs when the gun is closed, which leads to increased resistance and weak ejection over time. This resistance interferes with the smooth flow of movements and disturbs the shooter’s concentration. The EBS® system activates the ejectors when a shot is red and cocks them when opening the gun. The ejector springs are always de-cocked when the gun is stored in order to prevent spring fatigue. Resistance when closing the gun is always kept to a minimum, whether the ejectors were previously activated or not.

Innovative monocoque receiver design:
Design concepts developed in Formula1 racing were the basics in selecting of materials for the F16. From the unique Gun Metal Grey surface coatings to laser hardening principals developed for cars traveling at 230MPH. Safety and strength are more than words they are a necessity.

Reinforced ring:
The F16 has been designed from the ground up to use steel shot and dealing with the stresses of using this type of ammunition have been incorporated throughout the design process.